Producing quality beers that have become the standard of the premier brewers in San Diego, Inland Wharf Brewing Co. employs measures to create superior beers by controlling the brewing process.

The brewery equipment was bought through a collaboration of Stout Tanks and Brewmation, and includes an all electric 7BBL brew house with a programmable logic controller that will automate most brewing functions to include saving temperature set points, flow volumes, flow rates, and kettle power levels. The brew house is made up of a hot liquor tank (HLT), a mash tun (MT) heated via a recirculated infusion mash system (RIMS) to control mash temperatures and a combination brew kettle/whirlpool.

To handle fermentation and conditioning we will start with four 7BBL fermenters and one 7BBL brite tank. Approximately 2BBLs of each 7BBL batch of beer will be transferred to casks to undergo a secondary fermentation.  This technique produces Cask Conditioned Ales to be served in the on-site tasting room from Beer Engines. The remainder of our quality beers are served via traditional methods, unique to each beer style.