Inland Wharf Brewing Co. was founded by Commander Robert Durant when he retired from the Navy following 22 years of service. Robert has been a home brewer since he was in college during the early 90’s, and although he never got past extract brewing due to multiple deployments and moves during his Naval Service, he was able to explore and experience the wonders of beer throughout the world. During his world travels, Roberts beer experiences range from UK expats home brewing the most unpleasant non-hopped beer in Kuwait to visiting the world renowned brewery U Fleků, which is the only brewery in Central Europe that has been brewing continuously for over 500 years. 

Even the military understands the importance of celebrating accomplishments and traditions with beer. While in Iraq, during the Marine Corps birthday celebration I was allowed to enjoy two beers, and when sailing across the Indian Ocean on our 40th continuous day at sea, we celebrated the Navy’s traditional beer day. Beer is best enjoyed when shared between family and friends, whether that is in Tallin, Estonia, South Hampton, United Kingdom, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Yokosuka, Japan, or Temecula, California.
— Commander Robert Durant - Founder of Inland Wharf Brewery

In 2014, Robert expanded his brewing science foundation by attending the American Brewers Guilds “Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering” course that lasted 22 weeks including a week of residency at Drop In Brewery in Middlebury Vermont. Lacking practical brewery experience, Robert used the knowledge gained from ABG and set up a nano-brewery in his garage.  Investing in a 15 gallon pilot system he has been developing recipes, brewing beer and formulating SOP’s (military speak for "Standard Operating Procedures") that will be utilized in the new Inland Wharf Brewery. 


In addition to brewing, Commander Durant has been perfecting his techniques for serving Cask Conditioned Ales. He has retrofitted a commercial kegerator with a Beer Engine he purchased from a gentleman in England. He employs a cask breather to extend the life of a cask by laying down a blanket of CO2 over the ale to eliminate the spoiling qualities of oxygen on the beer and a cask widge is used to dispense from a cask that is stood up on its end and not in the traditional orientation on its side.  Although these techniques are not the traditional serving methods, they are modern innovations that will enhance Inland Wharf's ability to serve its customer a perfect pint of its Cask Conditioned Ale every time.